There are so many products out there aimed at small businesses… which ones are essential and which ones a total waste of time and money?

It’s hard, if not impossible to find unbiased reviews out there . At least it was, until now.

When I write a review, it’s an objective one. If I own and use the product, I’ll tell you that. If I received a review copy, I’ll mention that, too. What you won’t see is an affiliate link to the product. Ever.

My first responsibility is to my readers, prospective clients and current customers. I can’t write a truly unbiased review if I know that I’m getting paid for my recommendation by way of affiliate commissions.

So expect to read real reviews here. The kind of reviews that will help you decide how best to help your business move forward.

If you are a business owner and have suggestions for products you would like me to review, let me know.

If you are a product owner and would like me to consider your product for review, let me know, too.

I am happy to look at products but make no guarantee that I will review them on these pages. To make the cut, the product needs to provide real value to small businesses, be excellent quality and have solid customer support. And that’s just to begin with.