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Lessons from the Market – Customer Loyalty

While strolling around the famous Machane Yehuda  Market in Jerusalem today I was treated to a real insight on how to build customer loyalty. At the bottom end of the market is a halva store selling endless varieties of this delicious Middle Eastern sweet treat. The owner was standing outside his stall handing out free… Continue Reading

The Marketing Power of Saying “Thank-You”

Saying “thank-you” isn’t just good manners. It’s actually an incredibly powerful marketing tactic. Take this small example: I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about her recent experience giving birth in a local hospital. The small details of her stay impressed her – the way the nurses always introduced themselves at the… Continue Reading

The Small Stuff Makes a Big Difference

In marketing, it’s the small stuff that makes all the difference. Sometimes it’s stuff that you wouldn’t even notice. But know this: your customers and clients notice.  And very often it’s the small stuff that sways their decision-making. Here’s an example. I recently signed up for a forum on Internet marketing. It’s a forum with… Continue Reading