Going the Extra Mile in Marketing – Does It Really Matter?

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As I’ve written before (and doubtless will again!), the most successful marketing is both extraordinary and memorable.

Does that mean that you have to do something out-of-the ordinary every day to get noticed? The short answer is yes.

The long answer is no.

Confused? I thought so. 🙂

Here’s the thing. You want your company to be the first one your prospect turns to when they need to buy what you’re selling – whether that’s a commodity, a product or a service. To reach that stage there are several pre-sale hurdles to jump over – including pre-sales service.

Do something memorable at that stage, and you’ll be high on the list of possibilities when the buying decision gets made.

Do something mediocre, on the other hand, and you give your competitors the upper hand without even trying. It’s an own goal waiting to happen.

Let me give you an example.

I was at an exhibition yesterday at which I stopped to talk to the owners of a bookstore for kids. I was looking for books with large print or an accompanying CD.

The didn’t have anything on the stand, and didn’t know what was available in large print for kids because they haven’t had any demand for those kinds of books. Nevertheless, they took my details and promised to be in touch.

I wasn’t at all sure they would be.

Fast forward to this morning – less than 24 hours later.

Not only did they email me, but they sent along some suggestions for series which are available in large print and which might be of specific interest.

Now that’s what I call memorable service.

And when I decide to buy, they’re getting my business.

So that one time where their customer service really shone is enough, in this case, to carry them through in the long-term.

They don’t have to do anything outstanding for a while as far as I’m concerned – they already have enough marketing credit in the bank with me.

So start thinking – how extraordinary can your marketing be today?



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