Who Do You Turn To
When You’re In a Marketing Jam?

 Join Our  Feedback-On-Tap Skype Group!

  •  Who do you ask when you need totally honest marketing feedback?
  • Who’ll tell it like it really is? (No sugar-coating and no fluff)
  • Who’ll give you food-for-thought and practical, actionable advice?
  •  Who’ll do all that on tap – right when you need it most?


Honest, Expert Feedback On Tap!

The Feedback-On-Tap Group on Skype gives you continual access to other committed business-builders who can give you critical feedback when you’re planning and producing all kinds of marketing materials.


  • Want to know if your headline works?
  • Wondering how to phrase your product features better?
  • Need help writing (or rewriting) your customer service emails?
  • Stuck on a new sales presentation?
  • Looking for an honest opinion about your website?


Want To Know if What You’re Working on Really Works?

Join us in the Feedback-On-Tap Group where you’ll get honest, practical, actionable responses from people who aren’t afraid to say what they really think.

And that’s the most valuable feedback you can get for your business. It’s the kind of feedback that will help you dramatically improve your results. It’s also the kind of feedback that’s almost impossible to get from family, friends or even colleagues.

So, whatever your goal is – more clients, bigger sales or larger profits – getting the right feedback and making critical changes will shortcut your marketing and get you there faster.


Get Feedback For…

WebsitesSales PitchesFacebook Pages
Twitter PostsEmail MessagesAutoresponder Sequences
BrochuresFlyersBusiness Cards
PresentationsPostcardsPress Releases
Print AdsBanner AdsLogos
VideosForum PostsGraphics
Shopping CartsProduct DescriptionsCatalog Copy
Promotional ProductsNewslettersProduct Reviews

… in fact, any marketing materials whatsoever whether you are using them offline or online or both.


Feedback-On-Tap Group’s Gourmet Critic is
Debbie Benstein (that would be me!).

I’m a veteran marketer with around 30 years of real-world marketing and business experience, including nearly 20 years as a marketing consultant and copywriter with all kinds of companies, both large and small. I’ve seen a lot of great marketing and also some real disasters and I know the secret (and not so secret!) ingredients for rock-solid marketing results.

I think strategically, and I think you should, too, so you’ll be challenged to think as much about your marketing messages and the meaning behind them, as you will about the actual words you’re using. In the process, you’ll work on your branding and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

So What’s This Feedback-On-Tap Group About?

  • It’s about getting and giving bite-size, pithy (I love that word!) morsels of marketing feedback.
  • It’s about helping you get unstuck when you most need it.
  • It’s about swapping experiences and practical ideas with other focused business-builders.
  • It’s about getting marketing done – and done well

“Debbie Benstein Rocks!” 


Feedback From Fans

Debbie Benstein has been one of the biggest “hidden assets” in my business in 2012. Every time I need a perspective on something that educates, entertains, and enlightens, I ask for a 5-10 minute chat.

Usually 1 of 2 things happens.

A. She tells me I’m crazy (then gives me a solution that makes more money and is easier to execute on)

B. She sharpens and clarifies what I already know in a more customer-friendly fashion (which leads to more sales)

The biggest part in 2012 for my business has been taking on high ticket service clients and Debbie has been instrumental in clarifying my value proposition as well as showing me how to take on more clients while delivering even more value.

Her advice is instrumental and she’s one of my trusty resources for anything marketing and strategy!


Brad Spencer



Singing Debbie’s Praises




Feedback From Fans

You think much more like me, you’re more analytical on tiny things that other people would just not comment on… and I know that those things count
You care a lot about readability and how it sounds…
You’re able to see the structure I already have and make it fit
You just care that it sounds good, looks good and is professional
You call me out on the “hype” stuff.. and notice when there’s not a strong benefit or hook
…I dunno, any advice on copy you have given is golden…

Josh Morris



What Kind of Feedback Can You Expect?

  • If you’re doing great, the feedback you get from the group will tell you that and give you helpful validation.
  • If you’re on the right track but need a bit more direction, we’ll tell you that, too.
  • If you’ve hopelessly lost your way, you can expect to hear that as well – along with actionable feedback that will help you get back on the right path for your business.

Don’t think for a moment that this is all work and no play. Marketing, when done right, is challenging and fun and makes you think. And spending just a few minutes giving feedback (it really shouldn’t take long at all!) to someone else will pay you back tenfold.

You see, when you’re in critique mode you’re also learning how to identify and fix problems in your own marketing, too.  And that’s invaluable.

  • Where else can you get direct, often instant feedback for a headline or a sales pitch?
  •  Where else can you ask for real reactions when you’re actually working on your marketing materials,  not days later?

This is a minimum chat, maximum focus group to help propel your business forward to great results.

If it’s about marketing and you need some quick, honest feedback, this is the place to be.





Feedback From Fans


A quick note to let you know how much I appreciated being welcomed into Marketing Morsels when I asked you for feedback about my business idea!

You created an atmosphere where I felt that you definitely had my business’ best interest at the forefront of your feedback.

You asked tough questions about my ideas, yet I knew you were probing to get the best responses from me.

You hung right in there with me until there was an awesome, strategic plan in place.

It’s obvious you are on top of current marketing issues and business strategies. It’s almost like you have a crystal ball into the future success of my business if I’ll do this, this and that……..

What I appreciate most is your ability to cut right through my indecisiveness and guide me forward on the track to success, bite by bite!

I’ll definitely be back for more of your morsels of brilliant guidance.

Martha Mayo


…And for More Brownie Points

I offer Master Class sessions two or three times a week to suit various time-zones where I am available to give specific, actionable marketing feedback to anyone in the Skype room at that time.

In addition I’m usually in the Skype room for several hours each day to give feedback and keep everyone moving forward. Sometimes, a question is best answered with a video response, so you can expect to find links to very short feedback videos from me if I think that’s the best way to help you out.

This Is For You If…

This is for you if you relish  some piquant food for thought (and if you like puns!). If you’re serious about getting the best results you can for your efforts, the Feedback-On-Tap Skype Group brought to you by Marketing Morsels could be a great fit for you.


This feedback group isn’t for everyone. You’ll need to be willing and able to both give and take honest feedback. Your previous experience matters less than your interest in pushing yourself and others to greater marketing achievements. If you have a sense of humor that’s a bonus.


Feedback From Fans

Quite simply, Debbie Benstein is my personal benchmark for quality. The woman is utterly amazing when it comes to laser-targeting planning issues, marketing copy and long-term goals; she can spot potential disasters looming in the future and give you advice not only on how to adroitly avoid them, but also the best direction to succeed.
What I REALLY like about Debbie is she’s “no holds barred” – gentle yet firm, she’ll always point out exactly what needs to be improved. You *know* she’s working for your best interests…she’s 100% business and her advice is *always* spot on! You simply cannot go wrong with her offerings. Honestly, she should be charging triple for the benefits you receive.

Barbara Ling

To see if you’re a good fit please click on the “Apply Now” button and complete the short questionnaire.


Put It On My Tab

You’ll pay just $47 a month to join us. For a limited time, that includes an initial 45 minute private Skype consultation to help you plan your initial projects, decide on priorities and receive some initial feedback on your current business situation.

If you don’t love it, you can ask for your money back any time during the first 30 days. That should give you plenty of time to figure out whether this is a good fit for you. After that, you can just cancel at any time if you find you need to. Honestly, I don’t think you’ll find better value anywhere.

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