How to Create Fabulous Business Flyers – Part 2

So what’s the secret behind a successful business flyer? Graphic artists may claim it’s the design; copywriters will persuade you that it’s the text. In my opinion, content trumps graphics every time.

Graphic artists with a sensitive disposition may wish to skip the next paragraph or two.

In an ideal world, you want your flyer to have both engaging text and eye-catching, original graphics. But, in case it’s escaped your notice, this isn’t an ideal world. If, like many, if not most small businesses, you’re on a limited budget, spend your hard-earned cash on the text and compromise on the graphics.

You can always use a design template to get a nice looking result without the extra cost of a unique graphic design. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how nice the flyer looks if you’re not getting your message across.

I don’t mean to imply that graphic design isn’t important. It is. Very. But without doubt, content is more important.

Does the flyer excite your imagination? Does it persuade you to take action? Does it make you think? Graphics don’t often make you think. Graphics don’t push you into action if you’re not already headed there. And if you take away the graphics you can still understand the message. But take away the text, leaving only the graphics and you’ve got no message left.

So make sure your content does its job.

Here’s my list of Dos and Don’ts for Fabulous Flyer Copy

  • Do make your headline strong, believable and targeted
  • Do include sub headings which will pull me through the text and catch my eye
  • Do use short, punchy sentences and phrases
  • Do use bullet points
  • Do ask me to take action in some way (call you, visit your website etc.)
  • Do use testimonials
  • Do appeal to my emotions
  • Do appeal to my senses
  • Do make me an irresistible offer
  • Don’t make me guess what your message is
  • Don’t lecture me
  • Don’t expect me to read long paragraphs
  • Don’t worry about rules of grammar
  • Don’t forget to tell me what’s in it for me
  • Don’t forget who your audience is
  • Don’t use more exclamation marks than necessary!!!!!!!!!

Here’s an example of a great product idea with a less than successful flyer.

This would definitely make my Fail pile. (See How to Create Fabulous Busines Flyers – Part 1 ). In the next part of this series, I’ll be taking this flyer apart and rebuilding it

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