Get the Right Ingredients for your Marketing Plan

If you type marketing plan into a search engine you’ll come up with a bunch of stuff. Everything from a basic marketing plan with no imagination, to a convoluted excuse for one with several hundred pages of theory and guesswork which won’t work in real life.

(You were considering actually writing one of these, weren’t you?)

The secret to making a tasty marketing plan (i.e. one you can actually use) is to make sure you have all the right ingredients.

That includes the right market research, the right forecasts, the right marketing strategies and a whole lot more. The key word is right. And right isn’t always easy to come by.

That’s why this blog exists: to make sure you’re using the best ingredients in the right recipe to give you the marketing push your small business needs.

Gather together a bunch of marketing consultants and we’ll each give you a different plan of action. There’s the art of marketing and there’s the science. What works and what doesn’t?

What matters is results. The proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding.

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