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How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 5

You know, by now, that I’m a huge proponent of building real business relationships in the pursuit of better marketing. It’s the real connections, the honest discussions and the mutually beneficial interactions that are the cornerstone of any long-term successes. But you don’t build those types of connections overnight, and they’re not always intuitive. How… Continue Reading

How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 4

If you really want to stand out from the crowd you’ll need to change your marketing perspective. In fact, you’ll probably need to spin around 180 degrees. Here’s what I mean. Many marketing consultants recommend something called give-to-get marketing or reciprocal marketing or a similar approach. The theory is that you do something nice for… Continue Reading

How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 3

As obvious as it may sound, if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to both do different and do more. Doing things differently can include just about anything. Give out your personal mobile phone number to repeat customers, write handwritten thank-you notes to clients, send along extra resources or a tutorial… Continue Reading

How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 1

Marketing consultants are a dime a dozen.  So are plumbers, electricians, writers, coaches, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, florists and just about any other experts. There’s no shortage of competition out there. So tell me this… Why should I work with you? That’s actually a deceptively easy question. Go ahead. Answer it. What makes you different?… Continue Reading

How to Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

No matter how well you’re doing in your business, you need to keep a sharp eye out for what’s happening in your marketplace.  You could be yesterday’s flavor of the month if you don’t. No. Wait. Scratch that. You WILL be old news if you don’t know what your competitors are up to. So how… Continue Reading

There’s No Such Thing as a Competitor

I have no competitors. No, really. Sure, marketing consultants are a dime a dozen. In that sense, yes, I have competitors. And if you want to do-your-own marketing, you can easily buy marketing info in your local bookstore.  So books are my competitors, too. And so are digital product producers, and copywriters, and market researchers,… Continue Reading