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Don’t Get Short-Changed – Shop Around

I recently needed some graphic work done for one of my projects. I started out by asking for a quote from a graphic designer who had worked on a previous project, on which this new project would be based. He was unavailable this time around, so I moved on. My next call was to a… Continue Reading

Don’t You Dare Drop the Price!

Time and time again, my clients ask me whether they should drop the price of their product or service to match their competitors’ prices. I’m biting my tongue. Think about it. When you reduce your price, what do you actually achieve? At best you might make a few more sales. At worst you’ll cause yourself… Continue Reading

Let the Number Crunching Begin!

Alright, so marketing statistics isn’t the most appetizing of topics. But it’s one of the most sustaining for your business. If I told you that a little bit of number crunching could lead you to mouth watering cost reductions you’d listen up, right? So let me ask you these questions: How many new leads have… Continue Reading