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Just Get Your Marketing Done!

Here’s the thing about marketing. It’s never done. So yes, the title of this post is deliberately misleading. Even if you have a rock solid marketing plan (and 99.9% of small businesses don’t), it’s only rock solid for about a minute. After that, there’ll be some new information, a rising trend, a change in the… Continue Reading

Bite-Size Marketing Plans – Part 2

If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and write a marketing plan for your business, where do you start? Well, as I wrote here, I’d recommend starting with a bite-size marketing plan rather than a full scale effort. Just understand that I’m not advocating that this is all you do – just that this… Continue Reading

Bite-Size Marketing Plans

Most small businesses I work with don’t actually have a marketing plan. Shock. Horror. Yes, they know they should have one. No, they don’t have time to write one – at least that’s what they tell me. And, yes, as I’ve argued elsewhere, it’s very often a good idea to just forget about writing a… Continue Reading

Forget About Writing a Marketing Plan

Forget about writing a marketing plan? That’s not exactly the advice you expect to hear from a marketing consultant, now is it? Well, that’s exactly the advice I’m giving you. Why? You’ve probably read, or been told, that the very first thing you should do for your business is write a plan. Either a business… Continue Reading