A Guide to Marketing Literacy

If you want to become a marketing expert, one of the best things you can do is read a marketing book or two a week.

Honestly, marketing isn’t rocket science. It’s largely common sense and practice.

But there’s a lot to learn if you want to avoid getting a roasting. For starters, you’ll benefit from learning about sales techniques, presentations, overcoming objections, cold calling, marketing plans, advertising, publicity, public relations, copywriting and more.

It might sound like an overwhelming list but it’s not. The better your foundation, the better you will be at getting new business in the real world.

It doesn’t matter if the books are not about your specific business. Just take the principles and apply them to your own situation. Try things out, see how various approaches work for you and test everything to see whether you can improve it.

I have a library of great business and marketing books, many of which were acquired from www.bookcloseouts.com . They very often have excellent books at prices way below Amazon’s. Their stock changes every few days so I check regularly to see what’s new. If I’m interested in the title, I invariably check out the book reviews at Amazon and then buy from www.bookcloseouts.com for much less.

You can find worthwhile reads for only a few dollars each and they’ll have a lot more meat than some of the far more expensive ebooks circulating at the moment.

Some authors to look out for include: Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Robert Bly, and Ron Hoff. There are also many more lesser known authors who provide valuable marketing insights for pennies on the dollar.

So, go searching for real books – the old-fashioned kind – and start reading.

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