Work With Me

I work with small businesses and independent professionals on all-things marketing. I don’t do cookie-cutter marketing though, so you won’t see any standard packages here. Instead I work with each client on exactly the aspects of marketing that will propel that particular business forward.

Every business needs something different. Some need help with strategic marketing and planning, others with branding and positioning, still others with creating marketing materials such as websites and content which will create solid business relationships.

You might know exactly what kind of marketing help you need or you might not have a clue.

Either way, the first step is to get in touch and let me know what you’re thinking. I encourage you to ask questions, and I’ll be asking quite a few of my own.

If I think we’re a good fit, and that I help you achieve real marketing results, we’ll figure out the budget and next steps together.

If you already know that you want feedback on your marketing materials (anything from brochures to websites, emails, handouts, newsletters, worksheets, presentations, print ads and more) then my Feedback-on-Tap Skype Group may be a good fit for you.