How to Totally Transform Your Business...
Using the Power of Trust!

When You Inspire Trust,  the Rest is Easy...

Getting your prospects and potential partners to trust you is critical for your business... but it's incredibly hard to gain that trust and so, so easy to lose it.

The Trust! Workshop is a brand new program which shows you exactly how to harness trust and use it to grow your business in ways you may not have thought about before.

"If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you." Zig Ziglar

The Trust! Workshop is for you if you want...

  • loyal customers and clients who recommend you without being asked
  • more repeat business from your target market
  • customers and clients who stay with you for years
  • higher level deals and larger orders
  • qualified referrals who already know how good you are at what you do
  • clients who pay on time and without quibbling
  • lower marketing costs
  • less business stress and a lot more satisfaction from your business

What the Trust! Workshop is All About

The Trust! Workshop is a three-week program which shows you how to make critical changes which will skyrocket your trust rating. As well as the workshop materials, it includes a private Skype mastermind group where we discuss in detail how we're implementing what we're learning. We help each other by giving honest, constructive, trustworthy feedback as we build trust factors into everything we do.

The Trust! Workshop materials include a series of short, actionable videos on various trust triggers (credibility, reliability, personability and so much more) as well as a step-by-step PDF, a mind map, resource list and detailed checklist. Everything is designed to be quick to read and put into action. It's all practical, and very, very doable for any type of business, whether you concentrate more on selling products or services.

Who Do You Trust?

I'm Debbie Benstein, the marketing strategist behind the Trust! Workshop.

I’m a veteran marketer with around 30 years of real-world marketing and business experience, including nearly 20 years as a marketing consultant and copywriter with all kinds of companies, both large and small. I’ve seen a lot of great marketing and also some real disasters and I know the secret (and not so secret!) ingredients for rock-solid marketing results.

I think strategically, and I think you should, too. As part of the Trust! Workshop you’ll be challenged to think as much about your marketing messages and the meaning behind them, as you will about the actual words you’re using and when you're using them. In the process, you’ll work on your branding and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

And we'll look at everything, everything from a trust perspective. ​Does what you're doing increase trust or damage it? We'll find out, and we'll put some key improvements into practice.

Ask Me Anything...

This isn't a typical sales letter and I'm not a typical marketer. I want you to be sure that the Trust! Workshop is a great fit for you and your business and I'm sure you've got questions.  So I'm inviting you to be in touch with me to get your questions answered. You can look me up on Skype (debbiebenstein will find me there) or email me at debbie(at)  I don't bite, and I won't try any hard-sell tactics. It's not the way I roll.

"...Debbie's marketing instincts are unparalleled..."

"Debbie has been the catalyst that has pushed my business from trudging along with no real brand and an uncertain future to a spanking new, clearly defined brand and bright prospects. She's made me answer questions I'd been avoiding and given me guidance when I was uncertain as to which way to go next. Debbie's marketing instincts are unparalleled and, because of her, I'm finally excited about all the directions I can take my business. Aside from all that, she's an absolute pleasure to work with!"."

Sharyn Sheldon,

"...She's 100% business and her advice is always spot on!"

Quite simply, Debbie Benstein is my personal benchmark for quality. The woman is utterly amazing when it comes to laser-targeting planning issues, marketing copy and long-term goals; she can spot potential disasters looming in the future and give you advice not only on how to adroitly avoid them, but also the best direction to succeed.

What I REALLY like about Debbie is she’s “no holds barred” – gentle yet firm, she’ll always point out exactly what needs to be improved. You know she’s working for your best interests…she’s 100% business and her advice is always spot on! You simply cannot go wrong with her offerings. Honestly, she should be charging triple for the benefits you receive.

Barb Ling,

"...What makes Debbie different is her genuine interest in those with whom she works."

If you think marketers are a dime a dozen, you'd be right – with a few exceptions.

Debbie Benstein is one of those exceptions, and she's been instrumental in my gaining greater knowledge about how to reach my audience and grow my business.

What makes Debbie different is her genuine interest in those with whom she works. That authenticity led me to trust her enough to put her suggestions into action, and those actions turned into results.

Let's be honest: It's not easy to hear you've made mistakes with your business plan, but having someone who's sharp enough to spot those things is important. Of course, being guided to see the issues yourself – in ways that are positive and inspiring, not negative and demoralizing – is invaluable, and in my opinion that's Debbie's greatest strength.

Shawn Hansen, Shawn


The Trust! Workshop is now available for pre-order. The first session begins on October 19th 2015.
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