How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 3

differentAs obvious as it may sound, if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to both do different and do more.

Doing things differently can include just about anything. Give out your personal mobile phone number to repeat customers, write handwritten thank-you notes to clients, send along extra resources or a tutorial which shows buyers how to get the most value from what they bought. It really doesn’t matter much what you do if you follow one important rule:

Make sure your actions are relevant and meaningful for your prospects and buyers.

And don’t think that just doing things differently is enough to get you noticed. It isn’t.

Even if you’re offering interesting food for thought, or provoking solid responses from your clients, you still need to up the ante.

That means that quantity comes into play as much as the quality of what you’re doing to stand out. You simply have to do more of what you’re doing. If before you were posting on your paid membership forum once a week, make that once a day from now on. And if you were posting in two forums, make that four.

The more I see you around, the quicker I’m going to notice you. And that’s all the more true if I see you going that extra mile, sharing some original thoughts, sending along a free info pack or whatever else you use to build value into our relationship.

Watch the video below for more ideas about how to do different and do more…

What are you doing to be different? Comments below.

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  1. Hi Debbie:

    I’ve done this with all three of my offline businesses. It was important to me to go above and beyond. I’m sure I will find ways to do that in my online business, as well.


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