How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Part 1

Stand OutMarketing consultants are a dime a dozen.  So are plumbers, electricians, writers, coaches, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, florists and just about any other experts.

There’s no shortage of competition out there. So tell me this…

Why should I work with you?

That’s actually a deceptively easy question. Go ahead. Answer it.

What makes you different? What makes it imperative that I choose you?

And your answer should not include such snippets as:

  • I’m good at what I do
  • I have years of experience
  • I have the best prices
  • I offer excellent customer service

None of that makes you stand out from the crowd. Not in the least.

I take it as a given that you’ve got experience, that you know what you’re talking about and that you will treat me right. That’s merely a baseline for me. Without those elements, I’m not going to do business with you anyway.

What else have you got?

More thoughts on How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Part One of a video series I recorded.

So go ahead. Tell me why I should do business with you! Comments and horn-blowing below.

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