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Ballooning Expectations – A Brilliant or Bewildering Marketing Tactic?
Early this morning I took our new puppy for a walk in the neighborhood.  Overnight, something had changed. The neighborhood looked different. More colorful. More active somehow. Something was blowing in the wind. That something was a balloon. Or, to be more accurate, a whole collection of balloons. Red balloons were festooned all over the place, tied with red ribbon onto the side-mirrors of cars and onto gates and fences.   &nb [more]
  I have a lot to say and my fingers don't always type as fast as my brain works. So today sees the dawn of my podcast career. In keeping with my Bite-size theme, each podcast will be short and full of pithy commentary on the good, the bad and the ugly in marketing. There will be plenty of food for thought, essential resources and ideas galore, as well as the Wrath of Debbie corner, reserved for the days when I showcase the kind of [more]
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Here's the thing about marketing. It's never done. So yes, the title of this post is deliberately [more]
I doubt you'll guess what my favorite marketing word is. In fact, it's not a word that's specific to [more]
Saying "thank-you" isn't just good manners. It's actually an incredibly powerful marketing tacti [more]
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No, that's not a literal question. You can start your business from just about anywhere and keep [more]
So it's that time of year again. The season for resolutions, new starts (is there such a thing a [more]
If you've finally decided to take the plunge and write a marketing plan for your business, where do [more]
Most small businesses I work with don't actually have a marketing plan. Shock. Horror. Yes, th [more]
A watermelon is a watermelon is a watermelon. Or is it? If you're in the market to buy a w [more]
I teach marketing on a course for people who aspire to start their own small business. Invariably I [more]
The Wrath of Debbie
Successful marketing is built on a foundation of strong, trusting relationships. I get to know yo [more]
  How to market a business? Now there's a question! It's one I'm asked a lot, and someho [more]
So here's what happened.  In my ever growing collection of customer satisfaction examples this one [more]